Landplan Australia

Our Consulting Services

Australia Fair, Southport: Landplan's first major project.

Landplan Australia has extensive consulting experience and offers services in a wide range of land use types and environmental planning disciplines:

  • Residential communities including cohousing
  • Retail, commercial and industrial development
  • Recreational and community uses
  • Social planning and research
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Noise impact assessment
  • Aviation related projects
  • Oil depletion response strategic planning
  • Advice for sustainable communities


Cohousing is an exciting residential concept pioneered in Denmark, translated to north America and now being promoted in Australia as a superior form of community oriented development. This is community living with privacy too!

Oil Peak Planning Response

Along with Climate Change, the looming threat of global oil peak and subsequent depletion is one of the most challenging issues facing our civilisation. It demands fundamentally radical solutions to long term land use planning and transformation of suburbs into self sustaining urban villages.  

We are developing research and response policies to adapt to oil depletion, to offer advice to Local Governments on this issue.  See the July 2008 article on the Garnaut Report on Climate Change and Peak Oil adaptation


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