Landplan Australia


Landplan Australia Pty Ltd is an environmental planning consultancy based at the tourist capital of Australia's Gold Coast in subtropical Queensland, about 80 km south of the Capital Brisbane.

The consultancy was established by Mr Roger Brewster in 1981 to provide quality personal service to the development industry and individual clients.

Planning Places for People

Our philosophy is based on the pursuit of design excellence to achieve best planning practice in sustainable development through integrated planning. Our vision is to create livable communities in which to live, work and play.

We are deeply committed to the consultation process and greatly value working closely with people to improve quality of life in a healthy, attractive and sustainable environment, as a foundation for economic growth and prosperity.

In 26 years of consulting, we have maintained high standards of environmental integrity in impact assessment to enable clients to achieve win-win solutions in project design. The range of projects is listed in our summary of company projects.

The growing awareness about climate change and oil peak/depletion increases our commitment to the need for radical solutions for suture sustainable communities and development. An important aspect of this commitment is research for a PhD on adapting future urban residential development to an oil constrained future.

Consulting Expertise

Landplan Australia offers services in the areas of land use planning and development under the Queensland Integrated Planning Act and relevant environmental legislation in relation to:

    * Residential communities including cohousing
    * Commercial and industrial development
    * Recreational and community uses
    * Local Area Plans
    * Social planning and research
    * Environmental Impact Assessment
    * Noise impact assessment including aircraft noise forecasts
    * Aviation related projects



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